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Note: profits from CD sales contribute to our concert fund so we can continue performing live music for our community

Our first album

Every Second Tuesday

Our second album

Sunday Sessions

Album artwork by Robert Barton

In 2011, Aurora Guitar Ensemble released our debut album. The album title is a tribute to our rehearsal schedule which is, you guessed it, every second Tuesday!
Track list:
The Green Glens of Gweedor
Celtic Clash
Sapphire Beach
Bongil Bongil Blues
L'inganno della passione
Echoes of Rain Shadows
Fantasie de l'Espagne
Arctic Renaissance
'Life's a Beach' Suite:
Raindrops on Bingil
Gliding Over Garner's
Sample a few highlights from Every Second Tuesday  below.

Album cover image and above photo by Aurora member Shari O'Brien

In 2016 we launched our second album, Sunday Sessions. These sessions truly exhibit the musical, technical and emotional versatility of the Aurora Guitar Ensemble. This recording comprises a wide variety of works – all demanding superb playing skills, dedication and musical passion.

Track list:
The Metamorphosis of Mick Maguire

Goodnight, Mr Dowland

The Farmer’s Daughter

A Rosa Vermelha



The Calm Before…The Cold Sweat of Chaos Ensues


Nordic Thunder

Renaissance Reiterations

Packington’s Pound (Anon.)

Spagnoletto (C. Negri)

Wilson’s Wilde (Anon.)

Lunar Silhouette


Recording and mastering Sunday Sessions with Lindsay Stafford. Photo by Shari O'Brien

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